Visiting Montagnana is much simpler today. The QR codes will take inhabitants and tourists into a suggestive guided visit that will show them the most interesting and representative sights of the ‘walled town’. These up-to-date technologies, in line with the cultural tourism evolution, will make better appreciate the town and its treasure. That has been possible thanks to the project ‘Virtual guide of Montagnana by QR codes’, co-financed by the Chamber of Commerce of Padua and carried through by Soc. Coop. You need just a cell-phone to frame the QR code you will find near the monument or site, and a program will redirect you to the web page hosting the video guide. Otherwise, you can refer to the papery guide available in several public offices, local cafés and restaurants.
The first audio-video guide to the town is available in Italian and English and is intended to highlight the tourist attractions and enhance the overall image of the town.


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